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you and i'll be safe and sound

27 February 1989
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Hello sunshine!!! ^_~

Alright, so yeah, I'm Kat / Trina / Trina Marea (like Marieeee) / Sunshine / Cupcake / anything else you wanna call me. Hey, call me "ho" for all I care, haha

Not too much to say about me, though... Hmm, well, I'm a 24 year-old college graduate. Live in Minnesota, and I recently graduated from BSU.

About me: lesbian. Love to read slash/yaoi fanfiction. Nerrdddd... Hahaha

I'm online basically about 90% of the day because I'm constantly checking my email, Facebook, and millions of lj comms, lol, and I spend a good part of my time reading fanfic and trolling around facebook and tumblr.

I really love to write - both fiction and fanfiction - and read anything and everything I can get my hands on. Major movie buff. Pretty sure I want to go into editing or publishing for my career, since I really have no idea what else I would even want to do anyway, so. :) Yeah! Haha

This journal is semi-friends only. I keep most things f-locked, but things like fanfic, icons, banners, etc., those are open to the public. Friend me if you like! I love making new friends. XD


General Lovveessss...: nerds, cupcakes, doodling, hair bows, accessories, shopping, dinosaurs, coffee, photography, singing, dreamcatchers, sunglasses, makeup, raspberries, musicals, Hello Kitty, fashion, writing, fanfiction, quotes, getting mail, London, peace signs, owls, glitter, making hearts with my hands, cuddling, weddings, theatre!

TV Shows: Friends, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Felicity, Bones, Monk, The Office, Quantum Leap, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Pretty Little Liars...

Music: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Journey, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, The Classic Crime, Relient K, Chris Daughtry, Anna Nalick, The Beatles, OK Go, Sara Bareilles, Paramore, Owl City, Michael Buble, Dashboard Confessional...

Movies: Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, Serendipity, the Harry Potter series, Finding Nemo, A Walk to Remember...

Musicals: Across the Universe, Sweeney Todd, Wicked, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Moulin Rouge!, Mamma Mia!, RENT...

Books: The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, anything by Meg Cabot, Along For the Ride and Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Wicked by Gregory Maguire, She Said Yes by Misty Bernall, The Me Nobody Knew by Shannon McLinden, The Last Summer (Of You & Me) by Ann Brashares


Harry Potter: Been in this fandom for about, what, four years or so? Holy jeez, I guess it has been that long! ^_~ Haha Pairings: Draco/Harry (my OTP); Ron/Harry; Neville/Harry; Snape/Harry
I've been in love with the series basically since the beginning though, when I read the first one, although I really got into it more in high school. :)

Glee: Succhhhh an awesome TV series!!!!!!!!!!! XD I've loved it since the beginning, too, when they did their "fall preview" or whatever in May of 2009 and the pilot aired before the real start of the series in the fall of that year. I'm really involved in the lj communities and read fanfic like crazy for it. So far I've written two oneshots, although I'm working on soooo many more right now. I also make icons and banners. :D
Pairings: Karofsky/Kurt (my OTP); Finn/Kurt; Finn/Will; Finn/Puck; Puck/Kurt

Disclaimer: Any and all fics and art on this journal are works of fiction and are sole copyright to J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter and Ryan Murphy and co. of Glee. No profit is being made.

Icons, banner, etc. Usage: You can feel free to use my icons and banners and any other artwork I may produce. I'll even let you edit them if you like. The only thing I ask is that you credit me for the original and don't steal it and claim it as your own. Also: no hotlinking, please! Thanks! :D

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